Challenges with traditional energy billing meters?

Are you a Facility Manager or Building Owner using traditional energy meters? If so, you are probably paying at least 20% more than your actual consumption. Manual reads are susceptible to human error and provide minimal protection against energy theft and fraud. Opting for sub-metering not only offers better accuracy and robust protection against theft but also saves your tenants upwards of 30% on their energy bills.

What is a submeter?

A submeter is a digital meter that establishes two-way communication between the end-user and the concerned service provider. When paired with Energy Information System (EIS) it allows for effective energy management by providing highly granular data at few seconds intervals enabling very deep analytics. The analytics help informs the end-user of their individual energy usage pattern and suggests behavioral adjustments to cut down on electric cost.

Top 3 Benefits of smart sub meter

Increased visibility:

Unlike conventional energy meters, submeters collect and transmit telemetry data electronically. This helps curtail and prevent erroneous manual reading operations.

Accurate billing:

Units measured are units billed. With an alarm mechanism to detect tampering and rules to indicate above threshold values, submeters ensure more reliable and secure metering.

Energy management:

In addition to operational benefits to the facility managers, submeters also enable a more engaging experience for end-users by providing analytics on their energy usage.
Submeters together with IoT integration have the ability to track and analyze energy consumption patterns. Submeters can help facility managers or building owners in monitoring irregular usage patterns. Predictive analysis can also be carried out on equipment operating conditions and related energy wastage, permitting facility managers to check and repair equipment before failure points arise. All these initiatives combined can lead to substantial savings for an organization or building.

Sub Meters are available for all three utility types: electric, water and gas.
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